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As an employer, the ability to offer a group sponsored health insurance plan can help in the recruiting and retention of your best talent. Providing a competitive health insurance option also allows your employees to pay for medical bills and provide safety and security for themselves and their families.

Using our services allow you the following:

Convenience: We are a "One stop shop" for Medical, Dental and Health Savings Accounts. You are then billed monthly for all of the plans your employees choose.

Employee Choice: You will be able to offer every health insurance plan available in the State of Utah.

Simplified: Employees can compare a variety of health plan benefits, premiums and network side by side.

Controllable Cost: You as the employer get to decide how much you can afford to contribute. The plans allow you to use a flexible defined contribution approach. There are no additional fees to participate; the plans and premiums are the same as buying direct from the insurer.

Open Year Round: You can register your business any time throughout the year.

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